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ATV’s Cause Traffic Issues


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All-terrain vehicles seem to be causing major issues out on the roadways this month. Do you see many ATV’s out on the road?


The Utah driver of an ATV is dead after a crash involving at least one pickup truck on Monday morning.

According to authorities, the accident occurred around 4:00 a.m. in Duchesne County, Utah near the U.S. 40 and 6250 South intersection.

Little information has been released about the accident – and it has yet to be confirmed weather the ATV was hit by one or two vehicles. It is also currently unknown wether the driver of the ATV was attempting to cross the highway, or if the driver was simply riding along the shoulder at the time of the accident.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs police are currently involved with the investigation since the ATV driver was a tribe member – and the accident occurred within the boundaries of the Untah and Oruay Indian Reservation.

One lane of U.S. 40 was closed due to the crash.


Police have charged a Queens man with attempted murder of a police officer, attempted aggravated vehicular homicide, and a number of other offenses

31-year-old Kenny Ortiz is accused of running over a police officer in Brooklyn with his ATV last Sunday.

According to police, an anti-gang unit was sitting in an unmarked police car when they spotted an individual recklessly operating a yellow, Yamaha all-terrain vehicle. The driver was said to have been weaving in and out of traffic, and riding on the sidewalk. The officers turned on their lights and attempted to stop the ATV.

As the police officers approached the ATV, the driver speed away – hitting and dragging one of the officers for 190 feet. The driver ran over the officer’s leg, and fled the scene.

A $12,000 reward was offered for the driver of the ATV, and he was arrested on Saturday.

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