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BBC Captures Stowaway Migrants Boarding Truck On Camera


BBC recently captured two men on video attempting to stow away on the axle of a truck.

The migrants were attempting to get into the United Kingdom and were caught using a night vision camera attached to a second truck.

The footage features the men running towards the trucks, and climbing under them. Somehow, they manage to do this without the driver noticing.


The trucks were stopped as soon as the footage was captured so as not to endanger the lives of the stowaways, and the authorities were contacted.

Driver, Clive Mills (who has had is truck boarded by migrants) said that he never saw them climb on, and that he probably wouldn’t have noticed.

According to Mills, “I was looking in the mirror, looking down the road to pull out – it’s just frightening. Something somewhere has to change because you can kill people.”

Typically, they wait for the trucks to stop to pause for traffic or a road sign prior to boarding.

Two migrants have recently been killed using this tactic.

According to BBC, there has been a large increase in immigrants trying to reach the United Kingdom by its Channel ports, due to the conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa.

Earlier this year, as many as six Iranian illegal immigrants: men, women, and a child were found hiding in a truck.

BBC Liverpool
Liverpool Echo


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