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Bluetooth Options For Truck Drivers



Since hand-held cell phone use by commercial drivers has been banned, Bluetooth has offered a great alternative for drivers who need to stay connected. These gadgets have come a long way since first being introduced to the market.

Here’s a quick look at a few of the new ones out there. Remember when shopping for a device to look for these top three characteristics: noise canceling capabilities, long lasting charge, and appearance/comfort.

Aliph Jawbone Era

The Jawbone is the start of something new. It’s the first Bluetooth headset with an accelerometer and dedicated applications processor, which could turn into anything from a game controller to a pedometer, or a navigation unit. Beyond that, it’s just a top-notch Bluetooth headset. Reviews show mixed results on sound quality, while some owners claim it has excellent sound other have said it can be muddy. Sound quality is definitely something that’s worth looking into before purchasing. $99

Plantronics Voyager Legend

If you don’t mind a bigger headset, the Voyager Legend may be the one for you. This Bluetooth headset is an evolution of an award-winning design that work well for commercial drivers. Although it is a bit bigger than your average headset, its design provides comfort and excellent sound. The latest model features improved hardware controls that are easy to find and use. Users seem to love the sound quality and magnetic charging connector which helps to save battery life. Those who had complaints about the device mentioned its mediocre wind resistance. $77

Motorola Roadster 2

For those that don’t want a Bluetooth attached to their heads, the Roadster 2 provides a great alternative. This hands-free device has an interesting, asymmetrical design and brings a solid all-around performance to the table. The Motorola Roadster 2 can clip right to the visor, and features a useful FM transmitter which allows users to broadcast calls, music, and apps to their stereo speakers. The main complaint for this Bluetooth is the lack of a MotoSpeak app for the iPhone. Users who love the device rave about clear sound quality and ease of use. $78


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