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Carmel Bans Trucks On Neighborhood Roads


If you drive through the Carmel area in Indianapolis around 1-435 and U.S. 31, expect to get slowed down by increased construction, and ticketing for truck drivers who don’t follow official state detours.

The closure of U.S. 31 means some trucks are creating their own detours through local neighborhoods despite signs diverting drivers through Keystone Ave.

According to officials, large trucks are tying up traffic and tearing up pavement as they attempt to navigate and often get stuck in too-small roundabouts.

In attempt to preserve their local streets, Carmel City Council has recently voted to ban trucks larger than 19,500 pounds from some of these roads, except for the ones making local deliveries.

Police will start ticketing truckers who detour on prohibited roads in the next several weeks.

Here’s a list of the roads closed:

-Old Meridian St.

-Guilford Rd. from 116th St. to Old Meridian St.

-Main St. from Illinois St. to Keystone Parkway -136th St. from Illinois St. to Rohrer Rd.

-Illinois St. from 116th St. to 136th St.

The Department of Transportation is scheduled to reopen U.S. 31 around Thanksgiving after 8 months of construction. When the highway reopens, the current detour, Keystone Avenue, will resume its ban on large trucks.




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