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Carrier Goes The Extra Mile to Educate the Public on ‘No-Zones’


Landstar No-one Program
By: Heidi O.

As truck drivers we are taught what the “blind spots” or as we commonly refer to it as “The No-Zone’s” The motoring public, however, is not! So, Landstar Transportation participates in a magnificent program called “No-Zone,” which was created by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) when directed by Congress to create a Share the Road public outreach program.

The Landstar program utilizes the Business Capacity Owners (BCOs) at Landstar who are first approved by Landstar to participate. These drivers then go to schools, rest areas, weigh stations, driving education programs, or any public place where there is a need and they educate the motoring public about a truck’s No-Zones!

They teach the public about blind spots for trucks, how long it takes a loaded truck to stop, along with some of the hazards of pulling out in front of a big truck.

Landstar and the BCOs work closely with the Department of Transportation to increase awareness about safely sharing the road with big trucks.

If you know of anyone that can benefit from this program or your program could benefit from a program such as this, you can contact Landstar at 800-872-9496.

And to all the drivers out on the road, “Drive to Stay Alive!”

Image Credit: NHTSA


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