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Caution! Wide Girths Ahead!


Caution! Wide Girths Ahead!

Bob Perry, President and Founder of Rolling Strong and a.k.a. The Trucker Trainer

You don’t need a crystal ball to see if you’re likely headed for heart disease or diabetes…just a mirror (and a tape measure). Recent studies show a direct correlation between people with large waist sizes and their chances of developing diabetes and heart disease. Deep belly fat isn’t just stored energy; it directly affects your metabolism and creates additional stress on your internal organs. This fat, which is called intra-abdominal fat, is directly linked to high cholesterol, high insulin, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, and a host of other problems.

So boys and girls get your tape measures out! Male waist over 40’ and women over 35; it’s time to pay attention before you pay the price of potential medical costs. So if you wake up one day and say, “how did I get high blood pressure?” look down and chances are your girth has grown.


• Waist size of 34 to 36 doubled diabetes risk.

• Waist size of 36 to 38 inches nearly tripled

• Waist size of 38 to 40 inches was associated with five times the risk.

• Waist size of 40 to 62 inches was associated with 12 times the risk.

For Women

• A waist size of 30-31 more than doubles risk.

• A waist size of 32-33 inches increases risk by almost four times.

• A waist size of 34-35 increases risk by four times.

• A waist size of 36-37 was associated with more than 5 times the risk.

Wide Loads Face Giant Detour

Understanding this critical health issue is important; even more important is how to address it; HEAD-ON. Do not take it lightly because that is the direction you need to take; lighten your load.

First is to get a check up and realize you need to take action. Get a health check and understand your numbers and start making simple everyday changes by eating healthier food choices along with movement. Walking 10 more steps than you did the day before is a great way to start. Keep that tape measure handy and you will soon see the difference. But before you see it you will feel it; YES you feel the positive impact within the first 2-3 days.

So take time to check under your personal hood to see what’s going on in your engine room. Go to www.rollingstrong.com and check out our wellness offerings and find out how you can get monthly screenings.

If you wish to talk about your health and wellness issues just email me at [email protected].


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