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CDLLife Reader Thinks Ahead, Secures Load


Resourceful CDLLife reader, Franklin didn’t trust one of his loads and went the extra mile – actually, two 🙂 – to make sure things were secure.

“My 8-year-old daughter has been riding with me for a lot of freight loads this summer. It’s been great, but a recent load from Michigan to NJ had me worried. The trailer has no bulkhead, and there is no headache rack on the truck. The bundles of 7/16 hex rod were loose and very oily. Fortunately, there was a Lowe’s store 2 miles away. For cheap insurance, I bought 6 treated 2×6’s and chained them and a piece of dunnage down to create a low bulkhead about 1 foot in front of the leading row of rod. At the drop, after removing the tarp, you could see that the entire load had moved forward. I never had a hard stop the entire trip. I am very glad that I spent the $30 to protect my daughter and myself.” – Franklin Horst


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