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CDLLife Readers Haul Interesting Freight


This weekend, we asked our readers to tell us (if they could) about the most interesting freight they’d ever hauled. – We were not disappointed!

• “Picked up a trailer BOL said it was less then 1 lbs. Was going from Phoenix, AZ to a ‘house’ in Bowling Green, KY. Upon arrival a guy came out and said ‘ I cant believe they delivered my settlement check in a truck this size ‘ I was a bit confused however we had to break the metal bolt locking seal and when I opened the trailer there was an envelope for this guy. He sued the trucking company i delivered for and got a hefty settlement and requested it be hand delivered by a representative of the company. Guess I was the chosen one.” – Steven

• “Four 55 gl drums they said was ice tea …but a car follow me 1100 miles to make sure the load got there don’t think it was a ice tea.” Joel

• “Picked up a hazmat load in NJ. It only had 6 pallets. It was placarded as corrosive. All the paperwork was legit. Got to final and the guy asked me if I wanted to know what was really on the truck. I said ok. He said 50 million in platinum!!!” – Jason

• “I hauled a load of marshmallows from California back east.had to take the southern route cuz of the elevation.marshmallows will blow up in high elevation” – Scott

• “A truck load of bibles in a trailer numbered 802-666.” – Ernie

• “I hauled a piece of 3in pipe 40 ft long from NC to TX. Dispatcher said it was a hot load and needed to be there ASAP. When I got to AEP in Orange TX I walked in and told them I had their hot load. The guy said walk out here. They had about 10 loads of it on the ground. He said thats the piece they shorted us, We dont even need it. LOL $3.10 a mile.” – Darrin

• “Me & Earl hauled a load of chickens on a flatbed out of Wiggins…” – James

• “Pulled the tour for Miley Cyrus….weird but interesting.” – Robert

• “The original ghost busters car from the movie… and dinosaur bones. Extremely high value load.” – Mark

• “Years ago when I pulled a bull rack I took a load of ostriches to WYOMING.” – Rick

• “Old paper money going to incinerator. Millions of dollars with the eye in the sky to keep me honest lol.” – Craig

• “Hauled a 44000 lbs load of human excrement (poop) that was baked and put into pellets to be used for fertilizer. Funny side note they put it on the University of Michigan’s football field.” – Jason

• “I went to a Walmart dc with a load of plastic yard nativity scenes. The gate guard said we can’t accept you early. I pushed the bills back toward her and said “lady, I got baby Jesus on board. You know what happened last time He got turned away” She stared at me a moment and said door 134.” – Crissy

• “Wasn’t driving, but was with a friend that hauled salmon carcasses in a belly dump from processor to farm field. The trailer sealed well when haulin gravel, however fish slime still found its way out. Didn’t have any tailgaters that day. Lol” – Bill

• “Old Apache helicopter from Mt. to Az. The state of Mt. bought the guts out of it from the military, for their fire fighting helicopter’s, the shell went to the missile proving grounds in SW Az. for target practice.” – Rusty
Apache Heli

• “A load of Jack Daniels whiskey straight out of the Lynchburg distillery. Legal but still felt like a bootlegger.” – Al

• “I’ve worked for BFI Medical Waste Div. you really don’t want to know. I got paid detention one time for waiting to pick- up a amputated leg. Had to wait for a man to recover after surgery so he could sign a release for it.” – Randy

• “24,000 lbs of dildos and sex toys on one load, crates marked “warheads” on another.” – JD

• “iPhone 6. Armed escorts and everything.” – Jonathan

• “To a Cabela’s in Minnesota!” – Daniel
Load To Cabella's

Mustang – Robert


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