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Dangers Of Energy Drinks and Diabetes


For those working long hours in a demanding job like driving truck, energy drinks can provide a quick way to stay awake.

But if you’re suffering from any type of diabetes, you may want to seriously think twice before picking up a Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar or any other energy drink, almost all of which are packed with sugar and caffeine – two dangerous substances for diabetics.

The sugar content in energy drinks, which can come in the form of sucrose, glucose or high fructose corn syrup, ranges from 120 mg to 180 mg – 4 to 6 times the maximum recommended daily intake for the average person, and an amount surely to throw off your blood-sugar levels.

Upon consumption, your blood-sugar quickly spikes, then your energy crashes soon after, due to the sudden release of insulin. This triggers low-blood sugar and also your appetite, leading to weight gain and more drowsiness. This is why many studies have shown the addictive qualities of these toxic drinks.

In addition to high sugar, energy drinks typically have very high levels of caffeine – up to 500 mg, which is the same as 5 cups of coffee. Caffeine has been shown to inhibit sugar processing and decrease the effectiveness of your diabetes medication, according to a study done by Duke University.

Other consequences of consuming these sugary, over-stimulating liquids include insomnia, irregular heartbeat, restlessness, dehydration (energy drinks are diuretics and will NOT hydrate you like sports drinks such as Gatorade), irritability and dizziness, according to medical professionals at the Radiological Society of North America.

For the healthiest way to boost your energy evenly through out the day without causing harm to your health, take a look at your diet. Eat balanced meals that provide a steady balance of low-glucose foods high in protein and nutrients. Regular exercise and activity will also help give you a boost.



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