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Darrell Wallace Jr. Aims To Transcend NASCAR


20 year-old, Darrell Wallace Jr. is the first African-American to win a NASCAR race since the 1960’s!

Wallace – who goes by ‘Bubba’ – won the Truck Series race at the Martinsville Speedway last year in Virginia.

This young driver is being considered the ‘Tiger Woods’ of NASCAR. If he continues to win, he will make a big leap towards transcending the sport – proving anyone can race, no matter their color!

Wallace was able to rebound from a crash at the season-opener last month, placing second at the Daytona Truck Race.

‘Bubba’ drives the 54 Toyota for Kyle Busch Motorsports.

According to Wallace, his biggest obstacle is the pressure that he puts upon himself to win. One of the biggest stressors, being that he driver for Busch – on of the most successful NASCAR drivers who holds a record for most wins in the Top Three Series.

“I remember one key thing he said to me, and it was at Kentucky when we were first and second in practice, he comes up and he’s like, ‘Man, you’re fast, but finish the race. I’m like, ‘OK.’ I qualified second and wrecked on Lap 80,” Wallace said.

He’s finally realized that he needs to be enjoying himself, and preforming at the best of his abilities instead of sulking and feeling pressured, Wallace says, “Finally, I sad, ‘I get it.’ I put fun at the bottom of the list, I put too much pressure on myself. I’ve got 10,000 more eyes on me because I am of color and they are going to see what I can do in a top-three series. That’s enough pressure in itself, I don’t need to add any extra pressure. So I just need to go out there and run my own race and run my style of race and have fun with it.”

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