Daylight Savings Time

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Daylight Savings Time will cause a data adjustment on Fleet Management Programs and onboard computers.

When Daylight Savings Time occurs, fleet management programs will not subtract the day’s 24th hour – and will reflect historical time.

Drivers will need to remember to account for the time difference when comparing the following:

  • eDriver Logs
  • Messages
  • GPS
  • Reports between 11.3.2013 and 3.8.2014

Daylight Savings Time is only accounted for on message display clocks when the default DST setting is enabled.

Enabling DST Settings:

  • Driver Terminal: Menu – Display Config – Daylight Savings – Enable
  • BLU, BLU.2 and TABLET Screens: System – OBC Diagnostics – OBC Configuration – Daylight Savings – Enable

Daylight Savings Time

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