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Dear Fellow Driver


Dear Fellow Driver,

We spend a fair share of our off-duty time in truck stops, together.  We all have tasks to complete and want personal time to relax. Please think of others while you take care of yourself.

Remember the word Share.

If you are doing laundry, please be mindful of others.  Clear out your machines in a timely manner and clean up after yourself.

When we are gathered to watch a movie or game, please lower the volume on your cell phone ringer, and take your conversation out of the room.

And while I’m on that subject, please remember that majority rules. If ten of us are watching a certain program or movie, please be courteous. Please refrain from continuously asking “Are you REALLY watching this? Can’t we watch something else? Who’s dumb idea was this?”

The fuel island is not for long-term parking. If you can’t be back in your truck within ten minutes, then put it elsewhere.

The area around your truck is not a trash can. I don’t want to wonder what I just stepped on.

It’s YOUR dog.

It’s called a “parking lot” for a reason. It should not be confused with a freeway when it comes to the speed limit.

If you don’t want to help, then keep your comments to yourself. There are days I think I could park the space shuttle on a postage stamp. There are others when I doubt if I could hit an envelope with that stamp. Don’t yell or wave or honk at me from the sidelines unless I’m about to clip YOUR truck. It isn’t helping.

And this one may not sit well, but here it goes. I’m completely in favor of free speech, but I can get your message without the strong profanity. An occasional swear word might help make your point. A continuous string of expletives just makes me want to shut you off.

Thank you for your cooperation.

A. Truck Driver

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