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February Heart Health Awareness: Deep Vein Thrombosis


To go along with Heart Health awareness month, we thought we would address a condition that truck drivers have a potentially high risk of occurring. It is referred to as Deep Vein Thrombosis (Blood Clot).

This is a condition that is caused when a blood vessel in your body is blocked by some sort of blood that has clumped together forming a plug or clot in that vessel.

People that are forced to sit and be idle for long periods of time increases their risk. A major condition that can lead to blood clots is Atrial Fibrillation. This is when your heart ineffectively pumps blood causing it to clot easier.

Symptoms of possible Deep Vein Thrombosis:

  • Swelling in one leg including ankle and foot
  • A color change in skin in affected leg (pale, red, or blue)
  • Noticeable warmth in affected area
  • Pain in the affected leg feeling like a cramp or charley horse

If any of the symptoms persist seek medical attention. A simple blood clot in your leg could break loose traveling to your lungs causing a pulmonary embolism, causing a heart attack, or stroke.

Ways of preventing deep vein thrombosis.

  • Get up and  walk around as much as possible.
  • Exercise your lower calf muscles by raising and lowing your heels and toes if you are unable to walk around.
  • Wear compression stockings if your doctor recommends them.
  • Form healthy habits by eating a healthy diet, and quitting smoking.

Read about a driver’s near-death experience with DVT.  

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