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Delivery Driver Demonstrates Excellence With Kind Actions, Gets Recognition


A big-hearted delivery driver, who took time out of his day to go above and beyond in helping a customer, has received well-deserved recognition from his employer, YRC Freight.

Lex Soto of Terminal 896 in Orange, California, stopped to deliver a chair to a blind, elderly lady in a box that wouldn’t fit through the front gate of her mobile home. The chair was being delivered as a gift from her daughter in Michigan.

Instead of grabbing the required signature and leaving the chair outside the gate, like some drivers would have done, Soto decided this inspiring woman, with a positive spirit and immaculate home, deserved more that that.

With the help of a neighbor, Soto removed the front gate and got the chair inside the house. Not only that, he set up the chair and showed her how to operate it!

Then, seeing how excited she was to receive this gift, Soto went to his tractor to get his cell phone, took a picture of the lady in her new chair, then texted it to her daughter. And of course on his way out, he replaced the gate.

About two days later, YRC Freight received an email from the overjoyed customer grateful for Soto’s kind actions and willingness to help out an elderly lady.

He received an On the Spot Award, a pair of gloves, a hat and tumbler for representing YRC Freight in such an exemplary fashion and demonstrating “driver excellence.”

To read the full article on the company’s website, click here.


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