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Driver Jailed For Lying About Gun


The Brandon Star reports that a truck driver was arrested and jailed for lying to border patrol about possessing a firearm.

The driver was delivering a school bus to Canada.  When he was stopped by Canadian border patrol agents, driver Curtis Robertson, 57, told the agents he did not have any firearms.

Robertson told agents he had crossed the border “a few weeks” ago, but couldn’t say where he had crossed.

Canada Border Security officers “picked up on indicators of deception” and began investigating Robertson’s background.  They found that in 1992, Robertson had a unproven concealed-weapons charge.

Border Agents began asking Robertson more questions.  During questioning, Robertson told agents he owns a .22-calibre pistol, which he said he keeps at his residence.

The findings prompted border guards to do an “officer-safety” search of Robertson’s truck.

As agents were searching Robertson’s truck, a revolver cylinder with five bullets fell out of a pillowcase that had been stored in a suitcase. Further into the search, agents found the frame of a “mini-revolver.”

Robertson told the agents that he had been told that if his gun was disassembled, it wouldn’t be considered a gun in Canada.— He was under the impression that he was not breaking the law.

Robertson was taken into custody and sentenced to 45 days in jail for violating Canada’s Custom’s Act.

Source: Brandon Sun


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