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UPDATE: Driver Rescues Kitten After Motorist Tosses It Onto A Highway


UPDATE: Trucker is eating and standing! 🙂

Last week, a two-month old kitten was tossed out the window of black sedan on Indiana – Highway 265.

Lucky for the cat, a truck driver who witnessed the incident, came to his rescue.

The driver found the little orange tabby in pretty rough shape – his front leg had nearly been torn from his body, and his face was raw from road rash.

Veterinarians urged the driver to have tho kitten euthanized, but he wasn’t ready to give up on the kitten.

The rescue was rushed to the Kentucky Humane Society, for an amputation as well as the removal of a bowel obstruction.

The kitten is currently in physical therapy, and seems to be very happy – gratefully purring to his caregivers and heartily eating.

He seems to be on the road to recovery, and has been named ‘Trucker’ in honor of the driver who saved his life.

Donate to help with Trucker’s Recovery.

Kentucky Humane Society


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