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Dump Truck Involved In California Police Chase


UPDATE: The pursuit finally ended after a grueling two hours, in San Diego county when the driver reportedly ran out of highway and stopped at a gas station. Authorities say that he exited the truck, ran inside the station, and was arrested without incident.

UPDATE: The chase seemed to be coming to an end when the driver pulled into a Mobil K gas station. Although he was boxed in by multiple motorists, the driver was able to maneuver through, pull around the building, and exit the way he entered. – The chase continues.


California authorities began the hot pursuit of a runaway truck on 15 Freeway and Highway 74 this afternoon around 1:00 p.m., approximately 50 miles East of Los Angeles.

The chase began in Ontario, and it has not yet been confirmed whether or not the the rig had been stolen. The driver is wanted for assault on an officer, and was reported to have attempted to run over an officer in Ontario.

Numerous drivers have been pulled over to ensure safety, and to allow the rig to pass. As it stands, the chase has reached speeds of approximately 80 miles per hour.

Several times during the chase, the truck’s container started to lift into the air. The container is empty, and the driver is presumed to be alone. Stay tuned for updates as the events continue to unfold.

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