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Fix Sore Muscles With A Portable Massage Roller


Whether you’ve been working out pretty hard or sitting all day in the drivers seat, you tend to get the same results: sore muscles.

Although stretching can really help, sometimes its nice to have a tool to get deeper into the muscle and tissue.

Check out this very portable and handy massage roller from The Stick. It’s primarily used on legs, although it works also on neck, back, and anywhere you can reach while still grasping both ends.

It seems to be the massage roller of choice among athletes and others who just want to soften up tight muscles. It’s not the cheapest massage stick out there (still $27 on Amazon is not too bad), but after reading lots of online reviews,

The Stick seems to be the best. The great part is that at 17″ it fits in a travel bag and requires no power outlet.

You just hold both ends of the stick, press it firmly on the sore muscle, and roll away!

Here’s a video that demonstrates how to use a massage stick to warm up muscles before a workout:


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