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FMCSA-Approved Physicals Coming to a Truck Stop Near You


Truck Stop Health Care LLC today announced that the company plans to revolutionize how you receive your DOT physical.

The company is formed by husband and wife team Dr. Gunwant S. Dhaliwal, MD, and Dr. Tejinder Dhaliwal, MD, who are both FMCSA Certified Medical Examiners.  “This venture is for the benefit of Highway CDL drivers for their DOT physicals that is required every 2 years,” Truck Stop Health Care Inc. said in a press release.

“Dr. Dhaliwal plans to manage the whole network with the help of industry professionals and regional coordinators to arrange DOT physicals through Cloud Based DOT specific software on iPADs. The drivers or their employer can schedule these physicals on the driver’s route and the driver will get his medical certificate printed on-site. Where permitted, medical certificates are transmitted to the DMV offices,” the press release states.

The company is working with truck stop owners throughout the county to lease space where FMCSA-certified physicians and nurse practitioners will perform DOT physicals.

Truck Stop Health Care hopes to be in 500 truck stops within 6 months and 1,500 locations within 18 months.

Truck Stop Health Care has VISION of bringing Essential Service (DOT Physical) to Consumer (CDL Driver) so that CDL drivers do not have to take the time off from their work to locate FMCSA Certified Medical Examiner every 2 years. Even if it is scheduled by your Trucking Employer company, you have to take the time off to visit that particular Examiner,”  the Truck Stop Health Care site states. 

For more info on Truck Stop Health Care: http://www.truckstophealthcare.com.



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