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FMCSA Finalizes Rule To Identify, Target And Shut Down High-Risk Carriers


Today, the FMCSA announced that next week the agency will publish a Patters of Safety Violations Rule with will enable the agency to shut down truck and bus companies if the company, or company’s owners, have a history of knowingly violating federal regulations.

The agency says the rule is one of the newest enforcement tools that will help identify and target high-risk carriers.

“The rule is one of the new enforcement tools that the agency has developed in recent years to target high-risk carriers that endanger travelers by avoiding or covering up their negative history of safety compliance,” the FMCSA states.

The FMCSA says the agency will apply the rule in “egregious cases” in which carriers have a proven pattern of unsafe practices.

In 2013, the FMCSA adopted a rule to help put reincarnated carriers out of service, the FMCSA says this rule is a companion rule.

“Today’s rule goes one step further by authorizing a complete revocation of the motor carrier’s authority to operate,” the FMCSA states.

For a copy of the Federal Register announcement, see: http://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/rules-regulations/administration/rulemakings/rule-programs/rule_making_details.aspx?ruleid=470.



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