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Former ‘IRT: Deadliest Roads’ Star Pleads Guilty to Kidnapping


Former “IRT: Deadliest Roads” star Timothy Zickuhr has agreed to plead guilty to the kidnapping of a prostitute known as “Snow White.”

In December, Zickuhr was arrested for allegedly kidnapping Lisa Cadeau, a prostitute known as “Snow White.”

According to police reports, Zickuhr allegedly hired Cadeau to “perform services” on December 18, 2013.  Zickurh allegedly gave Cadeau his debit card to withdraw her payment, but he accused her of taking too much.

Cadeau claimed that she and Zickuhr agreed to meet the next day at Zickuhr’s apartment in Las Vegas to settle the dispute.  When she arrived at his apartment, Cadeau claims Zickuhr attacks her, punched her in the face, tied her up with backpack straps, poured water on her from a mop bucket, locked her in the closet and threatened that if he didn’t get his money back, he’d kill her.

Zickuhr allegedly demanded Cadeau give him numbers to people she could get the money from.  Instead, Cadeau outwitted Zickuhr and gave him the number of a police officer she knew.

Zickuhr called the police officer and demanded $1,000, allegedly stating that if he didn’t get the money, he’d kill Cadeau.

The officer played along and arranged to meet up with Zickurh.  When the two met up, the officer, who was waiting with handcuffs, and Zickuhr allegedly admitted to the kidnapping.

Zickuhr was arrested.

Authorities say that three months after the kidnapping, Zickuhr stole an elderly woman’s purse outside of a Las Vegas casino. The altercation left the elderly victim with a broken hip.

This week, Zickuhr was scheduled to face a jury.  Instead, he took a plea bargain and  plead guilty to kidnapping and extortion.

He originally faced a life-in-prison sentence.  The plea bargain means that Zickuhr will now face a maximum sentence of 6 to 15 years in prison.



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