Photo Courtesy of Frank Martinez

The Georgia Department of Transportation has 5 tons of salt and 57 pieces of snow removal equipment out on the roads in an effort to clear the roadways of ice and sleet.

A ‘High-Priority Alert’ has been issued by GDOT recommending Truck-Chain Use.

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A number of bridges and overpasses have iced over, making those areas high priority in the eyes of the Georgia DOT.

Hundreds of Georgia motorists were forced to spend the night stuck out on the roads due to severe pile-ups caused by the winter storm.

Photo Courtesy Of Frank Martinez
Photo Courtesy Of Frank Martinez

A total ranging from 2-3.5 inches of snow hit Georgia. Some are blaming the regions unfamiliarity with winter weather for the severe traffic back-up. Regardless of the cause, Atlanta authorities are confirming a total of at least 940 accidents.

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