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HEB Trucker Drives 4 Million Miles Accident-Free


A seasoned truck driver in San Antonio, Texas, is being celebrated, for breaking a company record as the safest driver to ever hit the 4 million mile mark.

Andres Corona, who goes by “Andy”, has been driving big rigs for over 39 years for H-E-B trucking company without a single scratch, bump or accident – not only the longest crash-free record for a trucker in the company’s history, but also in the history of Texas.

Corona received well-deserved recognition as co-workers, friends and family lined up to cheer him on, and they even rolled out a red carpet upon his arrival at the compay’s San Antonio transportation center last week.

Escorted by the Department of Public Safety, Corona accepted the first-ever H-E-B Platinum Crown Award for his achievement in road safety. He will also receive a vacation as a bonus from HEB for his service to the company.

Local news covered the report, interviewing the easy-going and humble driver who attributes mostly good luck to the accomplishment. Corona may retire soon, but until then will continue providing quality transportation as Texas’ safest truck driver.



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