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Idaho Increased Speed Limit Bill Clears Senate


According to the Spokesman, the Idaho Senate has voted 30-4 in favor of increasing the maximum speed limit on rural stretches of highways in the state to 80 mph.

In addition, the bill, SB 1284a, would allow speeds on other stretches of highway to increase from 65 mph to 70 mph maximums.

If passed, the bill would give final speed limit approval to the Department of Transportation.  The bill also has other safeguards, such as a safety study requirement that would determine which roads are safe for increased speed limits.

“ITD would have to do engineering and traffic studies, and its board would have to find the change in the public interest to raise those top speeds on any section of road. The bill still needs House passage and the governor’s signature to become law,” the Spokesman reported.

“There are safeguards in this bill,” said Senate Transportation Chairman Bert Brackett, R-Rogerson. “I would hope that we could speed this bill along.”

Follow this link for truck speed limits by state. 


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