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Kentucky Bill Would Double Fines For Truck Parked on Roadside


A proposed law making its way through the Kentucky legislature would raise the fine for trucks parked for longer than 15 minutes along the roadside and on off ramps.

Kentucky House Bill 275 states, “no person shall stop a vehicle, leave it standing, or cause it to stop or to be left standing upon any portion of the roadway; provided, however, that this section shall not be constructed to prevent parking in front of a private residence off the roadway or street in a city or suburban area where such parking is otherwise permitted, as long as the vehicle so parked does not impeded the flow of traffic.”

The bill was first introduced in the House on January 29 and was passed by the House Transportation Committee on February 6.  On February 28, the bill moved to the Senate.

If passed, violators would face a fine of $100 to $200, plus the cost of towing, if applicable.

The bill does address emergency situations and inclement weather conditions.  “Vehicles shall be permitted to stop on the shoulders tot he right of the traveled way with all wheels and projecting parts of the vehicles, including the load completely clear of the traveled way.”

In addition, the bill states that no vehicles can park on a sidewalk, in front of sidewalk ramps, in front of public driveways, within an intersection or crosswalk, any place where official signs state that parking is prohibited, within 30 feet of flashing lights, stop signs or traffic controls, on a controlled access highway, within a tunnel, within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or in between the roadway of a divided highway.


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