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Krissy’s Travels


By: Heidi O.

Hi, I am Krissy. Yep, that’s me, the dinosaur who LOVES seeing the whole wide world from the front window of an 18 wheeler.

I began a journey back in December of 2013 with Chris and Heidi Oestreich and I have traveled through at least 30 states with them so far. I have even gotten a plane ride to Hawaii, a photo shoot in their wedding at the beach, and got to meet the pilot of the plane (he gave me my own set of wings).

I love being out here traveling (and helping Chris and Heidi do some loading and unloading). I have gotten to attend a Landstar Safety Course with Chris and Heidi (that is where their truck is leased onto) and it was very informative and fun. Landstar even provided us with lunch before we had to leave to do another run.

We get to meet many other truckers and their wives out here and every chance Heidi has to meet someone, she loves it as much as I do! She runs a page for Truckers Wives and she meets a LOT of the ladies while over the road. She has these ducks (don’t tell her but I am a little jealous of the ducks), but they call them “Ducks on a Truck” and they give the FB page chances to win them for their drivers and they are all signed by Chris and Heidi and there is a poem Heidi wrote attached to each one. It gives the ladies some hopes that their trucker will be kept safe on the road. The ducks are sometimes more mischievous than I. Hahahaha.

If that is even possible. I am normally quiet, but I like to roar occasionally so they know I am still here.

Chris and Heidi give me the best seat in the house (and yes this truck is a house on wheels, it has a bathroom, a kitchette, and satellite tv…what more could a dinosaur want!!).

There are two dogs along for the ride too, I don’t know why because they scare me, but Heidi does a great job at keeping them away from me! I guess they keep Chris and Heidi company when I am watching all the people go by. Strange though, I wave and a lot of truckers don’t bother waving back. I am not sure if I scare them or maybe they just don’t see me?

Oh well, everyone has been really nice to me on the road and I am glad I get to ride along with my trucker mom and dad. I hope to be able to meet a few of my brother and sister dinosaurs out here soon too, and maybe Hunter when we get an extended trip to Ohio!

My favorite place so far has been Hawaii. That trip was absolutely exceptional…and a free photo shoot, now that was fun!! The most favorite place in the truck was when Heidi snuck me in the casino in her backpack (I’m not 21 yet…hahahaha) but don’t worry, she didn’t give me any liquor.

Well, I hope to continue my journey for Hunter for a long time and will write again soon. The sun is going down and is almost my bedtime so Good Night and Happy Trucking to All!!!



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