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Letter From a Truck Driver: Dear Shipper


By: C.L. Miller

Dear Shipper,

I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt on this one.

I’m sure you were confident that your freight would be ready for shipment BEFORE you called to order a truck. I assume you watched the process and were kept informed of any delays. I know you were prepared to make scheduling changes, if necessary, well in advance of my arrival.

You didn’t forget me. You didn’t ignore the inconvenience that a delay could cause me. You didn’t expect me to wait outside in my truck while you made a last-minute change in my appointment time. You didn’t view me as being uncooperative when I tried to get an explanation for unexpected changes.

You don’t regard me as an extension of the machinery in your production.

You considered my needs. You know I need food, rest, a shower, clean clothes, and a comfortable spot to relax. You made sure I would be informed of any delays so that I could spend my time wisely while waiting for your shipment to be ready to transport.

We worked together on this load. You were satisfied with my service and I was happy to serve. I drove away feeling appreciated, and I will want to return another day.

That’s how it went, right?


A. Truck Driver


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