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Long Haul Drivers Share Their Most Disturbing Experiences


Reddit user r/MrPeel11 posed the following question over the weekend:

“Long haul truck drivers of reddit, what’s the most f***ed up thing you’ve seen or experienced on the road.?”

Even we didn’t expect some of these unbelievable answers:

“There was the trucker who was waiting for his trailer to get loaded, went across the street to the Erie (Barge) Canal and fished, caught one, then put it, guts and all into the microwave oven in the break room. We had to buy a new oven.”

“I’ve had people who attempt to AND do pass me on blind corners with no passing lanes.”

“Or this one. – I was in the bunk when my old man was driving, coming up a hill where two trucks fit just barely in the lanes. Its him and a Laidlaw truck in a row, with an oncoming truck down the hill. Another driver decided to try and pass at the same time, so the Laidlaw and my old man had to almost put the trucks in to a rock cut to avoid a major accident. The moron got to Nipigon, Ontario and was ticketed for $300 and 3 points on his C.V.O.R.”

“My dad used to be a trucker and he once ran over a person. With great velocity.
The guy apparently jumped on the highway to commit suicide so it wasn’t my dad’s fault but it’s still a shitty thing to have to go through.”

“I witnessed a terrible crash two weeks ago. Driver in a pickup ahead of me about 1/2 a mile veered into oncoming traffic.
The vehicle that struck him was a semi hauling a large backhoe. The speed limit was 75. The driver in the pickup was sent through the windshield as he struck on the driver side. He tumbled into the road about 30-40 feet later. The backhoe and front side of the semi were totaled. I called 911 but the man in the road was surely dead. They arrived about 10 minutes later but he was already covered.
Hard thing to see.”

“I drove for 3 years. I have seen people getting dressed driving down the highway, and reading a newspaper while driving…”

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Reddit user: r/MrPeel11


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