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Lumber Truck Crashes In Oregon, Partially Hangs Off Bridge


A truck hauling lumber products crashed on a bridge in southern Oregon on Thursday, spilling its load and leaving the trailer hanging over the highway below.

Police say the driver, 54-year-old Brian J. Neely of Sheridan, Oregon, was negotiating a left turn when he hit the guardrail and went onto the bridge railing. The lumber on the flatbed then spilled off the trailer and tumbled over the railing.

An estimated 100 gallons of diesel leaked into the river as a result of the accident, according to a spokesperson for the Oregon state police.

Various crews from different agencies responded to the scene. A hazmat team worked to clean up the diesel fuel and the state Transportation Department dispatched an inspector to check the bridge for damage.

A tow truck operator disconnected the truck cab from the trailer, allowing it to fall to the ground. Both the cab and the trailer were hauled away.

Traffic on Highway 38 at the two-lane Scottsburg Bridge was disrupted for hours but was fully reopened by Thursday night.

Here’s a video of the aftermath:

The Columbian
Oregon Live


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