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Man Found Riding on Truck Between Cab and Trailer


A truck driver picked up an unwanted hitchhiker near Covington, Washington on Wednesday.

Washington State Patrol received reports that a man was standing between the cab and trailer of a truck driving on Route 18.

A state trooper eventually pulled over the truck and arrested the man for drug charges.

Police said the man had been hiding from gang members underneath the truck while it was parked east of Covington. When the driver got back to the truck and started driving the man jumped between the cab and the trailer.

The driver said he didn’t notice anything abnormal when he did he pre-trip inspection prior to taking off.

There is no information on exactly how far the man rode on the back of truck.

While this wasn’t your typical hitchhiker it got us thinking…What good hitchhiker stories do you guys have?

Source: kirotv.com

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