Over 7,600 trucks recalled fort defects that could spark a fire

An explosion at a Pennsylvania trucking company left a man severely injured.

The accident occurred Tuesday afternoon at Graff Trucking in Fawn Township, Pennsylvania.

According to TribLive, the man was not an employee of the trucking company.

Authorities say the man was severely injured when a 55-gallon drum that was located outside of the company’s garage exploded.

“He was outside the garage area doing some work,” Fawn Township Police Chief Timothy Mayberry told KDKA. “An explosion happened, I believe it was a 55-gallon drum. We don’t know what kind of fuel was in it, all we know was there was an explosion.”

The victim is a male, in his mid-40s to 50s and is believed to be the friend of the company owner, Michael Graff.

The explosion left the man with “life-threatening injuries.”  He suffered severe facial and head lacerations.

He was transported via helicopter to a hospital.  His condition is unknown at this time.

Homicide detectives and the county fire marshall are assisting the investigation.






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