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Ms. Manners: Back It Up


Any parking lot we enter has its fair share of hazards, especially when big rigs are backing.

For many years, the act of putting on you four-way way flashers, before you started to back, was a common way  to announce to others that you were backing up.

The trucker with the four-way flashers on, by trucker etiquette, has the right of way, and we should give him/her the respect and room needed. It is customary to wait, he has the floor, so to speak.

Let’s be patient.

Everyone may not have the same skill level you possess. Maybe that trucker is sick or just not having a very good day.  We all have them.

I also know that we are all in a rush to get some where and sometimes it seems like its taking forever.  But, really, it’s not.  I had a young man dart behind me as I was backing into a hole yesterday.

It’s totally NOT cool to drive behind anyone who is backing let alone a big rig.

Trucking is more than a profession,  it’s a way of life.

– Ms. Manners- A.B. (Truck Driver)


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