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Ms. Manners: CB Radios


Do you have a C.B.?  Your truck is only half there without an operating C.B. radio.  It doesn’t matter how many watts or type of antenna you have, just so long as you have one, it operates, and you turn it on.

I go into shippers and consignee’s that require you to monitor a specific channel.

How do you relay information to other drivers?  Maybe there is a road hazard, there could be debris in the road,  tow trucks on the side of the road, smokey bears, accidents, or maybe your load has shifted, maybe your tire is low or even coming apart–  there are many reasons to use a CB in a tractor trailer.

The point of this message is simple: All professional drivers look out for other professional drivers turn your C.B’s on and use them. If you don’t have one ask Santa, maybe you’ll get one for Christmas.

Trucking is not just a profession, it’s a way of life.

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