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Ms. Manners: Right Lane Closed Ahead


Ok, so I’m driving along and see a sign stating,  “Right Lane Closed Ahead.”   I get over, as to not be in the wrong lane when I get to the merging point.  We all should agree that big trucks need more room, so we should merg earlier than a car.  However,  I continually see big rigs in the wrong lane, pushing through all the way to the end, and then squeezing in.

It’s usually been the big rig that help the flow of traffic by pairing up, riding side-by-side until you get to the actual merge point. then letting the truck merge in front of you when thier lane ends.  This stops those who can’t read or are so selfish that they push through, causing others to have to wait longer. I call these people ‘me now folks,’ as they can only think of themselves. It’s all about them.

As truckers (professional drivers) we should not bring a four-wheeler mentality into our trucks.   No one likes backups. We are all on a time schedule and need to be moving to make our money.  Let’s work together out there and show four wheelers how to operate in these situations.  Some people still look at us for direction.  So let us set the example.

Trucking is not just a profession it’s a way of life.


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