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Ms. Manners: Scales, Chicken Coops, Weigh Stations


Lets talk about the scale house,  chicken coop, weight station…whatever you like to call it.

Many times trucks slow way down before they ever get to the scale house off-ramp.- I’m talking a mile or two before.

What the D.O.T. is  looking for is if you can follow directions. Starting with the transponders that are above the road on the highway. Do the speed limit, watch the signs, and move on.

If you start slowing down and bunching up, it henders the job the D.O.T. are doing,  which can make them pull more trucks in, or make those with transponders get red lighted because they are too close, or too slow, etc.

Don’t be afraid of the scales.  Just pay attention,  follow the signage,  red means stop and green means go.

Roll slow over a scale,  don’t shift accelerate or decelerate, and don’t jab your breaks on the scale itself. Just keep the even and posted speed. I tried to roll my window down so that I can hear any other instructions the officer has , turn off my headlights if not posted otherwise , and turned down all your radios.

I know every state is different, but the rule is the same,  follow the signs posted. Do your best to keep the speed posted and  distance that is clearly stated.

As a side note:  it is important to keep your dash clear of anything.  I’m told that if you look like you you are not taking care of the cab you probably are lacking in truck maintenance as a whole.

Trucking is not just a profession it’s a way of life.

– Ms. Manners- A.B. (Truck Driver)

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