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Ms Manners: Truckload of Kindness


It is very important for all truck drivers– whether over the road, local, line haul, or regional, dry van, flat bed, car hauler, bull hauler, tanker, container, bulk, dump, or whatever it is you drive– to be courteous and help other drivers. If you are unable to help, at least don’t hinder.

As drivers, we get enough interference from the four wheelers. We are cut off, flipped off and spoken ill of at least 100 times a day.

We, as professionals, are one of the few professions that must perform our jobs among novice. –All the while being limited in, and by, veritable speed limits; speed limits that are less than the limits set for vehicles with less than 3 axels. Some truckers have to contend with their power being cut back/governed. Not to mention, signs, signs everywhere there are signs. They have signs telling us when to go, where to go and how we have to get there.

We have limited access to stores, restaurants, banks, entertainment, and parks. Most of us, as I am, are away from home for weeks, which has its own set things we have limited access to. Family and family functions, Picnics and ball games, our own bed and a clean and comfortable bathroom.  We long for that E-Z chair and watching T.V. without hearing others talk or poor reception.. not to mention the lack of HOME COOKED MEALS.

We do choose this life, some out of the love of our jobs, and others due to the simple need for a job to help feed the family and pay the bills.

Whatever the case, we shouldn’t put down or be hateful toward each other. We are sister and brother truckers. I myself am a trucker and a trucker’s wife. I have family at home and on the road. We all want the same thing. Be safe, make money and have a little fun along the way.

Be positive, laugh more and help someone each day.

Trucking is not just a profession; it’s a way of life.

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