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Netflix: February 2014 New Releases


Netflix is an inexpensive and simple way to rent movies and watch television episodes.  For $7.99 a month you can be streaming live.  This allows you to rent movies and TV shows, anywhere there is a good Wifi connection.  A few places with WiFi can be found at truck stops, restaurants, and coffee shops.

By using your mobile device, or laptop, you can sign up for your first month trial membership for free by clicking here.

February 2014 Releases

Netflix House ofHouse of Cards

 2013 TV-MA 1 Season 2 begins February 14
Watch Season 1 of this Emmy-winning series. Kevin Spacey, lead actor nominee, plays a keen vindictive congressman Francis Underwood who will diligently defeat the halls of power in Washington D.C.  Wife Claire, lead actress nominee Robin Wright, stars as his stunning but equally conspiring, side kick.
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Netflix  OrangeOrange Is the New Black

2013TV-MA1 Season

Brought by the creator of ‘Weeds” a comedy drama series, starring Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman, a privileged New Yorker, who’s prior offenses against the law, wind up landing her in prison.



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Netflix The new  The New Guy

2002PG-1388 minutes
Taking lessons in “badass cool” from a criminal, a high school nerd intentionally tries to get thrown out of school, only to enroll in a new school.  Will he continue to fitting with the in crowd.


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Netflix following

The Following

2013TV-141 Season
Kevin Bacon stars as Ryan Hardy, a former FBI agent that returns to duty when a
notorious serial killer, Joe Carroll, breaks out of prison.  

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Netflix croods

The Croods

2013PG98 minutes

Nicolas Cage plays a father from prehistoric times, who takes his family on a journey to find a new cave for them to live in, when an earthquake destroys their home.



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NetflixTop Gear (U.K.)

A reality TV series with Jeremy Clarkson and his team of car enthusiasts test the boundaries and limits of luxury vehicles.  The also invite celebrities to test these high-end vehicles on the the race track.


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