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New Century Transport: Are They or Aren’t They?


Late Thursday evening, rumors of New Century Transportation’s possible closure began circulating social media. Many of you sent us messages about the rumored closure.

Trucking groups mobilized immediately and Facebook groups were set up to assist New Century drivers in finding new jobs.

CDLLife called New Century Transportation on Thursday evening, in an attempt to put the rumors to rest, and we were told the company was still moving freight and had work on the books for Monday. By Saturday, the rumors had died down a bit.

Today, the rumor’s were circulating again. This time, unconfirmed evidence of the company’s rumored closure was also being circulated. An email stating the company filed for bankruptcy on Friday was sent to CDLLife, and a driver who has NCT listed as his employer posted on New Century Transportation’s Facebook wall that he had received a letter of termination from the company.  






















A conversation posted on Trucker Lifeline initially conflicted with the rumors.

See below:



































Conversation Continued…























CDLLife again called New Century Transportation two times this morning, and we spoke with two employees who said they are prohibited from commenting and could not confirm or deny whether or not the company is going out of business.

By 12:00 p.m. today, a driver emailed CDLLife what appears to be a termination letter from New Century Transportation. The letter is dated June 9, 2014.

WARN Letter
The letter appears to state:
This is to notify you that, due to unforeseeable and dramatic changes in business circumstances beyond its control, New Century Transportation Inc., (“NCT” or the “Company”) expects that it will permanently shut down its operations at all of tis facilities, including the facility located at 45 East Park Drive, Westhapmpton, New Jersey and will terminate all its employees.
The unforeseeable need to shut down operations arose when NCT’s leader recently and unexpectedly declined to continue finding regular business (illegible). NCT immediately took steps to seek financing and other alternatives, including a sale of all or part of the company, and in order to continue its pertains, but to date, its efforts have been unsuccessful.
NCT will file for relief under Chapter 7 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. NCT reasonably believes that it could not provide earlier or advanced notice of the shutdown, because such advanced notice would have (illegible) NCT’s ability to secure alternative finances of a sale of the company. The following information is provided to you in accordance with the provision of the Worker Adjustments and Retaining Notification Act (the “WARN Act”) and the New Jersey Millville Dallas Airmotive Plant Job Loss Notification Act.
CDLLife searched the New Jersey list of WARN notices and did not find a New Century Transportation WARN letter on file. 
Find New Jersey WARN listings here.

In summary, at this time, New Century Transportation has yet to confirm or deny any of the rumors, and all “evidence” of an impending closure should be treated as a rumor until the company releases a formal statement. 
What is important to note is that several companies and Facebook groups have risen to the occasion and have offered their support to the NCT drivers.  One Facebook group, Trucker Lifeline has compiled a list of carriers willing to offer NCT drivers new jobs, a list of drivers and companies willing to offer NCT drivers a ride home, if necessary, and a list of drivers willing to offer meals.
It’s great to see the trucking community react proactively and rally together to help drivers in need.

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