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Ode to the Road: Unacceptable Love Affair


By R Seigart. 10/14/14

There’s a lover I see everyday in my travels. She is long, dark and slender with beautiful curves to match. Her strands of hair all neatly dressed with white and yellow ribbons throughout. She’s adorned beautifully for all to see with God’s gifts abundantly.
I especially love to see her during a beautiful sunset and in the morning when the sun is rising brightly above her and on occasion when the moon is full and bright. So picture perfect, I fill my days taking picture after picture with every photo opportunity.
Most days she’s hot, hot as sexy can be but other days she can be cold and frigid and slip right through my grasp. I love her most when she is smooth and silky to the touch but like most women, she has her rough and bumpy times causing me to want to lose control.
She is so good at guiding me, pointing me in the right direction where I need to be weather I choose to follow her or make my own path, she leaves up to me.
I must be in love with her though. I see her most everyday, faithfully, and sometimes occasional nights. She cannot satisfy me sexually although she is always under me and I on top of her with the occasional tease of vibrations and arousal.
I cant help but notice though, how she is used and abused everyday by everybody that uses her. She does have one drawback and that is she can ruin and damage marriages and relationships like she is doing to mine. I can leave her any day I want but she seems to draw me back to her without a fight and I reluctantly give in and beckon to her call.
One day though, she will cease to see me when I can no longer operate but I will always long for her attraction. She has my full and undivided attention.
I wish I could say though that this lover is flesh and blood but the fact of the matter is…
…the “road” is my whore.


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