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Police Say Truck Driver Used Vehicle As A Dangerous Weapon


Can a truck be used as a dangerous weapon? State police in New Hampshire say that yes, it can. According to reports, truck driver R.M. Obyc, 53, of Somersworth, N.H, used his tandem tractor as a dangerous weapon last December, triggering a rollover crash on Route 3 in Chemsford and forcing another motorist off the road.

The driver of the car, Katherine Deschene, 24 of Groton, N.H., told police that she was driving a 1997 Subaru Legacy with a passenger when the tractor-trailer began to tailgate her with his high beams on, according to court documents.

Obyc then allegedly veered to the left, driving next to Deschene’s car, then hit his right directional signal, slowed and moved behind Deschene. Then he moved to the right of Deschene’s car and began to swerve as if moving into her lane, reports say.

To avoid collision, Deschene swerved to the left but went off the road into the median, where she spun out of control, police allege. The tractor trailer then rolled to it’s side. There were no reported injuries.

Another truck driver who stopped to help Deschene told police he witnessed Obyc driving aggressively, tailgating and harassing Deschene, and saw her car go off the road. Her boyfriend, who was driving behind her, also told police a similar recounting of events.

Obyc was recently released on personal recognizance after pleading not guilty to assault with a dangerous weapon (a tractor-trailer) and a state highway violation. His next court date is scheduled for July 2nd for a pretrial conference.

Source: www.lowellsun.com


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