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Prime Drivers Lose Big in Health Challenge


Throughout the month of November, Prime Inc., drivers participate in the company’s bi-annual Walk/Run Challenge.

“We specifically chose November because that’s when the holiday season starts and people tend to gain weight. We wanted to get our drivers in shape before all of those heavy holiday meals. We’ll do the challenge again in April when the weather starts to break and springtime motivates us to get outside,” said Siphiwe Baleka, Prime’s Driver Health and Fitness Coach.

The company conducts the bi-annual campaign challenges drivers to “get out of their trucks and get moving.”

Drivers use an app called MapMyRun to log their efforts.  MapMyRun logs distance, speed, elevation and routes that drivers walk or run.

The app allows Prime Inc., to track their drivers’ success and encourages a “friendly competition component” to the challenge.

At the end of the challenge, the drivers with the most number of miles will be rewarded.

The Walk/Run Challenge is a part of Prime’s Driver Health and Fitness Program (DHF).  Other DHF programs include the company’s bi-annual Bicycle Challenge, Fittest of the Fleet Competition and the Transformation Program.

“Drivers that complete the DHF 13-week program are losing an average of 19.6 lbs. or 7% of their body weight. We’ve had 23 drivers lose 30 lbs. or more, seven drivers lose 40 lbs. or more, and four drivers lose 50 lbs. or more.”

2,000 drivers have participated in Prime’s health programs and lost big!

“Prime offers programs and challenges at every level for our drivers. They’re losing weight, preventing diabetes, coming off medications, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We track the BMI of our fleet, and even research nutritional deficiencies of our drivers to find solutions in this area, as well.”



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