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Prime Inc. Aims To Keep Truck Drivers Healthy


According to a recent survey, the stress of being a truck driver dealing with tight logistics, slow traffic, and shipment deadlines often leads to a downturn in physical health and wellbeing. Drivers are more likely to smoke and be obese, the article says, and just the nature of driving – sitting for long periods and limited access to healthy foods – might be a big factor contributing to serious problems among truck drivers.

In the face of these work-related health issues, one carrier continues to take an active role in making their drivers’ health and wellness a top priority.

“Here at Prime, Inc., we understand that an unhealthy lifestyle is often one of the larger, most negative factors that people tend to associate with typical driving jobs,” stated Ben Wicks, Director of Recruiting at Prime, Inc. “This is why we provide our truck drivers with various health programs and benefits. Promoting a fit and active lifestyle among our truck drivers is a vital goal for us, and we are very adamant about our drivers’ health and wellness.”

Prime’s truck drivers recently participated in various sporting and athletic events as part of National Truck Driver Appreciation and Wellness Week Sept. 20. The events included running, biking, and mixed martial arts, resulting in one Prime driver winning a professional MMA fight.

This month, Prime drivers also competed in numerous competitions such as Tough Mudder Wisconsin, Revolution 3 Triathlon, and the “Fittest of Fleet” championships.

In March of this year, Prime Inc. was recognized my Men’s Health Magazine in an 8-page spread sharing the stories of multiple drivers who were able to get fit and lose weight while on the road, despite any excuses the average person may come up with not to exercise.

In 2012, the company launched its Driver Health and Fitness Program, an intensive voluntary 13-week program which aims at improving drivers’ metabolism and often results in a 7% weight drop for the average participant. Also as part of the program, drivers can sign up for a September Month Long Bicycle Challenge and Transformation Program.

“As a trucking company, our drivers’ quality of life is our number one priority, and we are paving the way towards making truck drivers’ health and wellness a trucking industry standard across North America,” Wicks said.



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