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Prime Inc. Drivers Featured in Men’s Health Magazine


Truck drivers have a high rate of obesity compared to other industries. Many drivers spend long hours on the road, have very limited healthy meal options and get very little exercise.  One study put nearly 70% of North American professional truckers in the obese weight class. 

With sources stating that the FMCSA is planning a crackdown on drivers who are more than 20 pounds overweight or have a BMI of 35 or higher, it’s more important than ever that drivers and carriers make health and wellness a priority.

Prime Inc. is one carrier that has made health and wellness a priority and is working to combat driver obesity.  The company offers health and wellness programs to its drivers.  In 2012, Prime enlisted the help of Siphiwe Baleka of Fitness Trucking Inc. to incorporate a 13-week fitness program for the company’s drivers by making Montague bicycles available to drivers to enable drivers to take their exercise equipment with them and will allow them to exercise wherever they are.

Also in 2012, Prime Inc. was the winner of the company weight loss challenge in the TCA’s Weight Loss Showdown competition. The Prime team members collectively lost 353 pounds and had a 15% reduction of body fat. 

Prime’s commitment to driver health and wellness is paying off! Drivers are dropping the pounds and getting fit.

Prime Inc. Drivers Featured in Men's Health Magazine
Image Credit: Prime Inc.

This week, two Prime drivers graced the pages of Men’s Health Magazine.

The drivers are featured in an 8-page spread entitled “Hit the Road Jacked.”

Written by Joe Kita, the article’s message is that if a driver who is on the road 10 hours a day, 300 days a year, can make health, wellness and exercise a priority, anyone can! 

The article asks, “What can truckers teach them about fitness?”

‘Plenty,” Kita answers. “If they can stay in shape despite 300 days on the road a year, then you have no excuses. Get ready to lose that trailer and gain some horsepower.”

In the article, drives, McCould and Boschee, share their stories about staying in shape while over the road, while Baleka offers nutrition advice, along with his 7 Rules of On-theRoad Fitness.   

“We are very proud of Rodney and Justin’s accomplishments as safe and healthy drivers,” said Baleka. “And we are honored that Men’s Health took an interest in learning about how our drivers are taking proactive steps to lead healthy lifestyles. Hopefully, this will help change the stereotype image about truck drivers.”

McCloud claimed the title of “Fittest of the Fleet” last August at Prime’s inaugural competition, and Boschee was runner-up. Boschee also lost 40 pounds through the company’s award-winning 13 Week Basic DHF program.

What do you do to stay in shape while over the road?


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