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Product Review: Folding Bike by Citizen


For truck drivers looking for creative ways to stay fit on the road, folding bikes by Citizen not only offer a good way to get exercise, but they’re also fun to ride.

Citizen offers 5 different models all varying in price, style and features offered. Their bikes weigh between 27 and 32 pounds depending on whether the frame is steel, which is on the heavier side but less expensive, or alloy, which costs more but weighs less.

You can choose from three different wheel sizes: 16″, 20″ or 26″. While 16″ wheeled folding bikes are the most compact, they don’t ride like a normal bike. If you’re looking for a folding bike that rides like a standard size bike, then the 26″ wheels are the way to go.

Depending on the model, Citizen folding bikes come with one speed to seven speeds. The handle bars also adjust to accommodate your height.

Many online reviewers say the components are high quality – the gears change easily and brakes adjust well. One person said it performs on pavement, dirt and packed gravel, with a small radius great for tight turns.

A few things they didn’t like: the bike needs two velcro straps to stay folded, which increases folding time, and there’s no comfortable place for your hand when holding the bike without the case.

To read independent reviews posted by Citizen customers, click here.

The truck driver in the following video says he plans on storing his new bike in the sleeper of his truck. Watch as he demonstrates how to unfold it so it’s ready to ride.

What do you think, would you ride one of these bikes?



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