Product Review: Koolatron P25 Travel Cooler

Refrigerator Review

If you’re one of those drivers trying to switch over to healthier diet with more fresh foods, or maybe you’re just in the market for a new travel fridge, check out this Kooltran P25 travel cooler!

This thermoelectric 26-quart cooler has ample room and keeps all your food cold without ice. It plugs into the 12-volt cigarette lighter of a cab, keeping contents “25 degrees Fahrenheit below ambient temperature.”

It’s available at Amazon for $90 or Walmart for a few dollars more. That’s not a bad price considering it’s basically a small refrigerator without shelves. You can also order it on their website with and option to pay more for and AC adapter.

The truck driver in the following review is a big fan of the Koolatron P25. He says he’s able to fit enough food for 2 people, and has been traveling with the P25 on the road for the last 3 months with no problems.