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Product Review: The NutriBullet


Making nutritious smoothies with a small, personal blender can be one of the best ways to decrease time spent eating on the road while getting healthy.

The NutriBullet is more than a blender (which leaves chunks of food behind). Makers of the NutriBullet call it a “food extractor”, which means it uses a 600-watt motor to completely pulverize food into a liquid state.

When you drink a NutriBullet smoothie, your body skips digestion completely, and because liquid food is in its most absorbable form, your body takes in all of the nutrients.

The Nutribullet is available on Amazon for $87.98. It comes with 1 tall and 2 short cups (including lids), which makes drinking on-the-go quick and easy!

Here’s a video demonstration with world-renowned health expert David Wolf making a nutritious NutriBlast smoothie.

Rich Northrop
Juicing Diet Works


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