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Product Review: Wash’n Go Compact 3 Gallon Sink


This might have the potential to be a game-changer for your morning or nightly routine!

Introducing: The Reliance Products Wash’n Go Compact 3 Gallon Sink!

This 3-gallon travel sink is available on Amazon for only $44.99! The basin is made of food-grade polyethylene, and features a drain spout as well as an organizer with compartments for toothbrushes, razors, toothpaste, and soap. It even has a vanity mirror, a upholder, and an LED light!

The molded carrying handle allows for portability, and the sink comes with a 5-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects!

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Perfect | Jonathan
“Such a great idea – well priced and as a package it is perfect…(bought a little LED stick-on light to suit mine).”

Great Product | Connie M. Phipps
“As a fulltime RVer in a bus conversion – its awesome & I plan to buy another one soon. As with any product you will have people that only see the negative & over look the benefits.”

Camping/Portable Bath Sink | Gail ‘Mrs. C’ “G Collins”
“This portable sink, I feel is great! Holds all the bath items needed for camping or any travel. Items I do keep inside for each trip so I don’t have to keep packing them. We also use it on our boat for fresh water washing. Holds enough water for a weekend of normal use and for those like me who loves gadgets, this one will fit into a collection! I like the features and size, some complain it’s not collapsable, but I think it being more sturdy does a better job than the flabby, soft-sided items. This is worth every penny! We Love It!”

Reliance Camping Sink | Sammymac
“Bought this sink this season for camping with the kids, and wanted a sink with the portaloo in the folding camper, rather than always washing hands and cleaning teeth in the kitchen sink.

It is a basic product, sturdy too. Does everything it says, except the spigot tap on the side leaked, well poured really. so removed this, as didn’t need that anyway, and fitted a new cap with better quality washer and was fine.

I had a little white plastic camping table, that I cut a whole in for under the plug hole, so the water drains down, and stand a bucket under there to catch the waste water. Whilst it would have been nice to have a drain pipe from the unit, it’s not rocket science to work your own solution, 5 minute job, and we are camping after all.

On the whole I think this is a great addition for camping, just a shame the spigot leaked terribly, I have read other reviews with this problem too, I think Reliance should make better washers and have a cap that fits more snugly, I think it’s too deep.”

Poor Design | L. Judah
“Purchased this item before a 10 day camping trip. Hoping to keep INSIDE my teepee. I noticed right away there was no way to really drain the sink. A tubing connection to the drain hole would have sufficed. I found a stepping stool with openings in the top and placed the sink on top (this was all on a table in my teepee). I then found a low plastic container to “fit” under the stool and experimented with the water draining. This kind of worked. A cloth had to be nearby at all times to catch excess. I agree with other reviewers about the holes for toothpaste and tooth brushes being USELESS. The mirror is not much use either unless you bent down extremely far. My spigot did not put much water out. I was hoping for a better flow to fill up a cup and help rinse out the sink after teeth brushing. This was my main reason for wanting the sink. I wanted to avoid going to the bathhouse of the campground for this personal activity each night. Hard and bulky as well. I am now looking for another design for my camping SINK. I am really surprised that someone has not designed a manual pump camp sink. I really think my family had one when I was a child back in the ’60’s.”

Reliance Products


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