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Protein is Key to Keeping Your Body’s Engine Rolling Strongâ„¢


By: Bob Perry

Protein is key to keeping your body’s engine Rolling Strong

Bob Perry, president and founder of Rolling Strong and also known as The Trucker Trainer™ shares some helpful tips next time you refuel to make sure that your body performs at its best.

Take protein, for example. Protein is the building block of every cell in your body, and should be the foundation of every meal. Protein comes in all shapes, sizes and flavors. Chicken, turkey, lean cuts of meat, cheese, fish, eggs, beans, nuts and cottage cheese all have protein.

A common complaint among those making lifestyle changes is that they’re always hungry. Eating a low-fat menu can leave you wanting more but you don’t have to eat the kitchen sink and return to your old habits to feel satisfied. By including a little lean protein with each meal you can feel full longer. But you need to understand how much protein is enough. A good rule of thumb is your fist equals one portion size and remember that not all proteins agree with everyone. This is where you need to experiment with your own body to find the right protein for you.

Remember, protein takes longer for your body to digest so it stays with you longer, much like whole-grains. It can help you stick to a low-fat diet and in turn help you to lose weight, without losing your mind.

It’s essential to start the day with a good source of protein and we all know living and working on the road and having accessibility to good choices can be very challenging. If you don’t always have time in the morning to eat a good breakfast, be prepared and have your cab stocked with some staples as a backup. Remember, if you don’t have a good choice available, you’ll often end up making a bad choice. Consider carrying protein bars and shakes, fruit with almonds and walnuts or Greek yogurt with oatmeal. They’re all good sources of protein when you’re on the run. Also it’s very important to educate yourself. Do your homework and read the labels to make sure you’re not over loading on sugar and carbs in order to get the protein.

If you’re a fan of Subway, which Bob Perry is, here is a great video on Bob’s tips when ordering your next meal. Whether you enjoy the veggie, turkey, ham or roast beef, it’s a good choice to use spicy mustard or plain mustard versus mayonnaise. After a few subs you won’t even miss the mayo! Another very important tip is portion control. When you order the foot-long sub save half for later and swap out the chips for some apple slices and your favorite peanut or almond butter. No need to get the large drink, water will hydrate the pipes just fine. It’s tough to do, but it is very important to eat slowly and with no distractions. This will help you enjoy every bite and give your body a chance to digest the meal. It’s hard to put away the distractions but when you do you will feel much fuller and can save the rest of the sandwich for a few more miles down the road. Controlling your portions and what you consume is a great motivator on your road to better health! Follow us at www.facebook.com/rollingstrong or visit www.rollingstrong.com to learn more about Rolling Strong.


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