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Regulation: Speed Limiters, Carrier Fitness More On DOT Agenda


According to the Department of Transportation’s March Reports of Significant Rulemaking, the issue of truck speed limiters may soon be addressed.

“This rulemaking would respond to petitions from ATA and Roadsafe America to require the installation of speed limiting devices on heavy trucks. In response to the petitions, NHTSA requested public comment on the subject and received thousands of comments supporting the petitioner´s request,” the rule states.

The rule would decide whether or not a new regulation would require the installation of speed limiters in truck that have a gross weight of over 26,000 pounds that travel on roads of 55 mph or above.

The agencies estimate that the rule would eliminate an estimated 1,115 fatal crashes.

In addition to addressing the issue of speed limiters, the Significant Rulemaking Report also list the following issues that are currently pending:

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
34. Application by Certain Mexico-Domiciled Motor Carriers to Operate Beyond U.S. Municipalities and Commercial Zones on the U.S.-Mexico Border

35. Safety Monitoring System and Compliance Initiative for Mexico-Domiciled Motor Carriers Operating in the United States

36. Certification of Safety Auditors, Safety Investigators, and Safety Inspectors

37. Limitations on the Issuance of Commercial Driver Licenses with a Hazardous Materials Endorsement

38. Qualifications of Drivers; Diabetes Standard

39. Consumer Complaint Information

40. Carrier Safety Fitness Determination

41. New Entrant Safety Assurance Process: Implementation of Section 210(b) of the Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act of 1999

42. Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse (MAP-21)

43. Electronic Logging Devices and Hours of Service Supporting Documents (MAP-21)

44. Lease and Interchange of Vehicles; Motor Carriers of Passengers

45. Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance; Driver-Vehicle Inspection Report (RRR)

46. MAP-21 Enhancements and Other Updates to the Unified Registration System

47. Prohibition of Coercion (MAP-21)

48. Heavy Vehicle Speed Limiters

49. Commercial Driver’s License Requirements of MAP-21 and the Military Commercial Driver’s License Act of 2012



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