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Road Rage: Shots Fired At Truck Driver in Georgia



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According to the Rockdale Citizen, shots were fired at a truck driver in Georgia on Thursday.

The incident occurred on Thursday, at approximately 9:00 p.m., on Interstate 20 in Rockdale County, Georgia.

The truck driver says the incident was a result of road rage, the Rockdale Citizen reported.

The altercation allegedly began when a truck driver came up behind the driver of an older model Dodge Charger on eastbound on I-20 between Sigman Road and West Avenue. Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office said the driver of the Dodge Charger allegedly thought the truck driver was following too closely.

“(The truck driver) flashed his headlights at the slower-moving vehicle to advise him he was traveling faster than him. It was at that point the unknown black male driver hit his brakes abruptly,” the incident report states.

The truck driver then attempted to move into the left lane but could not get over.

The truck driver waited to 2 cars to pass and then moved into the left lane to get around the slower-moving Charger.  As the driver attempted to pass the Charger, the driver of the Charger sped up.

As the truck driver came alongside the Charger, the driver of the charger brandished a gun.  The driver of the Charger then fired shots at the truck.

The Rockdale Citizen reported that the truck driver fond an entry and exit hole in the cab of his truck.  In addition, investigators found a bullet hole in the handle of the passenger door and one in the grill of the truck.

No additional information has been released at this time.  


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